8:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
[20 mins] Government Keynote: Green Hydrogen Fuel As the Energy Future

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India
[Transport Theme Panel, 50 mins] Deployment of hydrogen in Transport Sector: 
Way for a Net-Zero Society

  • Assessing hydrogen developments on commercial and heavy-duty vehicles and other land base transportation 
  • Scaling up hydrogen mobility deployment: what has been done and what’s next? 
  • Perspectives Sharing - Can hydrogen transportation play a bigger role for the future society?
[Transport Theme Panel, 50 mins] Innovative Fuel Cell Technology and ‘Made it in India’ 
[Break, 30 mins] Exhibition Visiting & Coffee Tea
[Technology Panel, 50 mins] Advanced Electrolyzer Technologies bring value to industrial scale hydrogen use: the benefits, the supply, and manufacture Electrolyzer in India? 

  • Technology improvements to realize GW-scale projects 
  • Leading players experience and success to learn
Moderator: Panelist Speakers from:
Invitation sends to Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI)
  Mr. Shaji John

  SVP South Asia & MEA

  Dr. Mayilvelnathan Vivekananthan

  Vice President

  Hild Electric
12:10 Networking Break & Lunch
[2 speakers:30 mins] Infrastructure Dialogue: Building hydrogen blended projects
  Mr. Akhil Mehrotra

  Pipeline Infrastructure Limited
[Technology Panel, 50 mins] Hydrogen Transportation - Connecting Hydrogen Supply and End-Users 

  • Hydrogen transportation: road, pipeline or maritime? 
  • Infrastructure development: establishing the network of hydrogen supply 
  • Long-distance hydrogen transportation: Ammonia, Liquid Hydrogen or LOHC?
[20 mins] Establishing Hydrogen Refueling Station Network
[20 mins] Hydrogen Application in Heavy Industries 
Closing Remark & Farewell Coffee