8:10 Registration & Welcome Coffee
Delegates sit down in the ball room
Welcome Address by Event Chairman 
[20 mins] Government Keynote: Growth Strategy - Hydrogen Strategy & 
National Green Hydrogen Mission

  • Medium to long-term vision of hydrogen development
  • Regulations: what's more pragmatic approaches to support green hydrogen growth
  • Expectations: Ensuring investment for Indian hydrogen projects scaling up

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
[20 mins] Government Keynote: Commercial Strategy: India Drive Forward to 
the Global Hydrogen Hub. 

  • Opportunities right along the hydrogen value chain from production to end-use sectors
  • Hydrogen's critical role to re-shape Petroleum industry
  • Potentials for India as green hydrogen hub

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas 
[Panel, 50 mins] International Partnership: 
Greater Cooperation to Facilitate South Asia Hydrogen Economy

  • Greater multilateral cooperation to realize the benefits of India hydrogen deployment 
  • International project experience, Success stories, and lessons sharing 
  • Seeking potential international partners
  Dr. Nina Fenton

  Head of Regional Representation 
  for South Asia

  European Investment Bank
  Mr. Tapas Kapadia


  RWE Supply & Trading India
[Break, 30 mins] Exhibition Visiting & Coffee Tea
[2 Speakers: 35 mins] Innovation Dialogue: How innovations can bring tangible values to hydrogen eco-system?
[Round-Table, 50 mins] Ambitions from India Energy Leaders- Exploring the Hydrogen Economy Potential from Home and Aboard

  • The importance of collaboration among governments, businesses, and stakeholders 
  • The expectation of policy frameworks and regulatory incentives in promoting the investment and development
  • The Role and Experience of Indian companies in Global Hydrogen Development
Moderator: Panelist Speakers from:
12:35 Networking Break & Lunch
[20 mins] The Potential of Hydrogen for various Industries
Invitation sends to 
  Mr. Ajay Kumar Sood

  Principal Scientific Adviser to 
  Government of India 
[Panel, 50 mins] Public and Private Investment to Drive Green Hydrogen Deployment 
[20 mins] Hydrogen Initiatives in Oil & Gas Industry- Indian & Global Scenario
[Industry Roundtable, 50 mins] When Refining, Petrochemical, and Coal Chemical Meet Green Hydrogen 

  • Refiners' plan in building hydrogen production facilities in India. 
  • Is that economic feasible using Green Hydrogen in Petrochemical industry to meet Decarbonization goal?
[Break, 30 mins] Exhibition Visiting & Coffee Tea
[Industry Roundtable, 50 mins] Green Hydrogen Adoption in Fertilizer Manufacturing: 
Opportunities and Challenges 

  • Discussion of the challenges and opportunities: such as cost, efficiency, and safety considerations 
  • Producing green hydrogen and ammonia to reduce India’s dependence on imports of raw materials, enhance food security and limit emissions from fertilizer manufacturing
[Industry Roundtable, 50 mins] The Role of Green Hydrogen in Decarbonizing Heavy Industries 
(Steel, metallurgy, etc.) 

  • The potential of green hydrogen to help decarbonize heavy industries 
  • The current state of green hydrogen technology and its commercial viability for large-scale industrial use 
  • The infrastructure needed to produce, transport, and use green hydrogen in heavy industries
[HIS 2024 Night (Drink party, ticketed only)